Drums kits at Resonance Drum Studio Clonmel.

What do you need to start?

Well not much really except a pair of drums sticks and something to practice on but a pillow will do for starters. For kids starting I would recommend a pair of size 7A Drum sticks and maybe for older teenagers / adults you could maybe start with a pair of 5A sticks. Try to get ones with wooden tips on them too.

What age can someone start learning Drums?

I have had students as young as 5 years old. Often times the hardest thing for a drummer at the start is reaching the pedals but these obstacles can be avoided.

Am i too old to start drumming?

No of course not, you’re never too old to start anything.

What level of experience is required?


Do I need to read Music?


Do I need to own a drum kit?

No, when I started I was playing on a mouse pad that I nailed onto a piece of wood. Some people even start playing on a pillow. A practice pad is an inexpensive option for someone looking to get into drumming.