Single Paradiddle Groove

Drumeo Paradiddle Exercise ( Here is a link to a very similar exercise on Drumeo that has more in-depth explanation and more advanced exercises. )

Try part A,B and C below and then have a look at the Drumeo Video for some more tips.

So this is a example of how we can move around the paradiddles on the kit and use the simple combination of RLRR LRLL to create a cool little groove to work on.

So this will help us break up our hands and feet and get used to playing different parts of the kit.

Download the full sheet music here. Paradiddle_Groove

Sorry about the audio quality of the video. I’m setting up my recording equipment so should be ready to rock soon. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

paradiddle A copy

Now lets add the bass drum in on the first part on the first Right stroke of the Paradiddle.  Again start slow and see can you speed it up.

paradiddle groove part B

Lets see now can we add some accents on the Paradiddle in the same place as we usually put them.

part C

I’ve added some extra beats to the full sheet music which you can download above. Take your time with this,its meant to be hard and good luck.



Here is another great exercise you can try with Paradiddles around the kit.

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